Dynam P-47D Thunderbolt Hun Hunter 48'' EPO Electric RC Airplane PNP With Retracts

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The P47 was known as the "Jug" because of its unique shaped fuselage like a milk jug. It was a rather large and heavy aircraft powered by a single engine, some call it "the tank of the sky." It was heavily armored and armed with four 50 caliber machine guns on each wing, with the ability to carry rockets or a bomb payload of 2500lbs. Suitable for ground bombing or attack missions with an excellent ability to fight other birds high in the sky.

The P47 sport-scale model captures the WWII fighter's intimidating looks in a high-quality foam design and lets you quickly turn your low-wing skills loose with a fighting legend. Equipped with a 40 amp brushless electronic speed controller mated to a 500kv high torque motor, the power department is not to be concerned. With an easily removable hatch, the electronics and battery can easily be accessed.

The almost ready to fly model comes equipped with all the electronics installed. Quick and easy assembly makes this plane a breeze to get together and fly. You will need a 14.8v battery, 4 channel radio system, and charger to get this war machine ready to fly.

Wingspan: 1220mm (48in)
Overall Length: 1050mm (41in)
Wing Loading: 55g/d㎡
Servo: 9gx4pcs
Speed Controller: 40A Brushless 
Motor Size: BM3715A-KV500 Brushless Outrunner
Flying Weight: 1500g(53oz) 

Required to Fly:
Battery: 14.8V 2200mAh Li-Po, 25C and charger 
4 Channel Radio System 

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