Goldwing ARF-Brand Corvus 77'' Extreme Series Aerobatic 170E Electric RC Plane C Carbon Version

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ARF 77in CORVUS 170E

ARF Model now proudly offer two extensively upgraded Extreme Series versions of 77in CORVUS: Electric Extreme 170E CORVUS and Gas Extreme 35CC CORVUS.

WING SPAN:77"(1960mm)
WING AREA:1190sq in(76.8sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: 11.5-12.7lbs(5200-5700g)
Electric Power:
Hacker A50-14L with 8S 3700-4400mah 18x8 or 19x8 prop
Hacker A60-5S with 8S 4000-5000mAh 20x10 prop
DUSKY XM6360EA 184KV 12S 3300-4400mAh 20x10 prop
Or other 2600-3000Watt electric motor


High quality ball link assemblys
Larger rubber wheels diameter than 30CC(30CC is 3in.35CC is 3.25in)
Improved stainless steel Axle kits
Including Servo lead safety clips
Includes Side Force Generator (SFG)
High performance cap head screws
One piece air foiled carbon fiber landing gear
Two piece removable stabs
Larger carbon fiber wing tube diameter. Carbon fiber tube for stab.

Adjustable pushrods for easy fine tuning(Includes wrench)

Two Quick stainless steel release canopy latch

Pocket Style Scale Hinging

Removable rudder

Canopy extended into cowl

Including KUZA 410ml Gas Tank V2 Version for 35CC version

Including KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Dot & Fuel Vent Line Plug for 35CC version

Aluminium Backplate Hollowed-out Electric Spinner included for 170E version (Excellent cooling effect for brushless motor)

Including POM & ALU motor washers for 170E version

New Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly V2 version

Including high quality Velcro Straps

Including KUZA Socket Head Servo Screws

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