HSD Super Viper Pro Turbine Jet PNP

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This HSDJets Super Viper is version 4 of the popular series from HSD. This is the premium version of the aircraft. It features: 

  • a newly updated carbon wing spar design
  • updated electronic pin-style wing connectors
  • molded plywood equipment tray for clean electronic installation
  • metal control horns on all surfaces
  • CNC Oil-hydraulic (OLEO) dampened servoless retractable landing gear 
  • Electric Brakes
  • 25G PowerHD D-3501MD servos
  • molded plastic landing gear bay (to protect wiring)
  • Metal hatch latches
  • LED Lights (new A/B LED)
  • Upgraded Smoke system (v4) with 750ml tank and pump
  • Painted red racing theme (decals separate), Blue and Gold racing theme, or Navy scheme.
  • MFC-2085 Multi-function flight controller and power distribution system
  • Fuel vent barb for overflow/taxi tank


The aircraft has a wide flight regime and crisp handling. Paired with the Swiwin 60B, this aircraft performs superbly. Capable of grass operations and 5-7 minute flight times (depending on throttle management, taxi time, atmosphere). 

We offer full spare parts support for this aircraft. Please email us for any spare parts requests. 


Wingspan 1500mm (59 in)
Length 1663mm (65.5 in)
Flying Weight 7 kg (15 lb)
Servos 7x 25g & 2x 12g
Retract System Servoless CNC metal retracts
Main Fuel Tank 1400cc 
Header Fuel Tank/UAT 180cc 
Recommended Turbine Engine

6-8kg (60-80n)


The engine is not included.

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