LX Super Mig-29 RC EDF Jet Kit

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12 channel radio remote controlled jet (Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder, retract, thrust vectoring, airbrake flaps, cockpits ejection, brake parachute ejection, smoke actuate)
Thrust to weight ratio for optimal flight performance
Thrust vectoring nozzles
Electric actuated colored smoke bombs
Capable of alpha maneuvers
Cockpit ejection
Controllable airbrake flaps
Durable threated rotary shaft driven retract system (no more stripping servos)
Two 70mm ducted fans

Wingspan 1142mm (45 in)
Length 1514mm (60 in)
EDF Diameter 2x 70mm
Retract System Threaded rotary shaft driven

8 Channel transmitter and receiver or above (not included)
Battery and charger (not included)
Two Brushless electric speed controllers (not included)
Two Brushless motors (not included)
Fourteen servos (not included)
Colored smoke bombs (not included)

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