Skysun SBach 342 92'' 70CC RC Plane B

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Wing span: 92"
Wing area: 1600 sq. in.
All up flying weight: 18-20 lbs. depending on build style
Length: 88" (91" with spinner to rudder)
Engine: Recommended: PTE 72cc, DLA 58cc, DA 70cc
Radio: 6 channel recommended (4ch possible)
Recommended Spinner Size: 4"
Recommended CG: 25%-30% from the LE at the ROOT
Recommended Prop Size: 23x8, or 24x8
Recommended Throws: adjust to liking as you fly
Low Rates Settings | High Rate Settings
Rudder: 30 degrees, 20% expo | 50 degrees, 35% expo
Ailerons: 25 degrees, 25% expo | 40 degrees, 40% expo
Elevator: 20 degrees, 20% expo | 45 degrees, 40% expo

Removable stab
Ringed cowl
Adjustable push rods
Canister ready
Carbon fiber landing gear and accessories
Fast fly and easy build features, such as : Pre-drilled hinges, pre-plumbed fuel tank, and pre-installed rudder cable.
Engine hood made of fiberglass
Hull and surfaces in wood construction (laser-cut)
film Strung
High degree of prefabrication
Excellent flight characteristics
Chassis made of CFRP
Hecksporn made of CFRP
Insert made of CFK
Removable elevator
Professional, newly developed Anlenkenteile
Ready-painted fiberglass hood
Wheels, linkages, small parts, illustrated instructions

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