Unique Models Boeing PT-17 1200mm Electric RC Plane PNP

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The prototype Stearman PT-13 Kaydet two seat biplane first flew from Wichita, Kansas in October 1934. Fitted with Lycoming R-680 radial engines, the first trainers, designated PT-13s, were delivered to the US Air Corps in mid 1936 together with more aircraft in 1937 and 1938. In 1940 demand for the trainer increased rapidly and outstripped Lycoming's capacity to supply engines. This led to the Continental engined version, the PT-17.

The importance of the Stearman PT-13/PT-17 to the US war effort cannot be overemphasized. Approximately 50% of all US military pilots, who fought in WW II received their initial flight training in this sturdy aircraft. A further 10,000 RAF and Fleet Air Arm pilots used the Stearman trainer for primary training, at British Flying Training Schools throughout the United States, between 1941 and 1944.

Now is your chance to add this iconic military trainer aircraft to your fleet. This Plug and Fly version of the PT-17 is constructed from ultra durable EPO foam, and beautifully painted in an accurate to era scheme. Both wings are reinforced with dual carbon spars ensuring a rigid structure and minimizing flex.

Features such as the beautifully detailed scale paint scheme, moulded plastic engine cylinder heads, exhaust pipes and undercarriage legs really bring this model to life. It's very hard to tell this model is foam when it's in the air!

Assembly is a breeze thanks to the detailed instruction manual and clearly labeled parts for the wing structure. Being plug and fly, the servos, motor & ESC are all pre-installed, meaning less time on the bench and more time in the air!

Durable EPO foam construction
Plug and Fly version, simply add your own radio system and batteries
Beautiful scale paint scheme
Easy assembly
Dual carbon spars in each wing

Wing Span:1200mm(47.24in )
Length:940mm(37in )
Height:390mm(15.35in )
Height:390mm(15.35in )
Take Off Weight:Around 1650g
Static Tension:1.8KG
Propeller:2-paddle 12*6
Motor:620KV Brushless Ф36X48XФ4
ESC:40A Brushless ESC
Servo:4X9g Servo

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